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Keeping Company Culture Strong During Covid-19

posted on February 23, 2021

The Coronavirus has had endless impacts on our lives, whether that be at work, home, in the social scene, or even in the mundane tasks of life, such as going to the grocery store or the bank. As a home infusion company, we have been tasked not only to continue to provide excellent care to our patients during this pandemic, but we have also been tasked to keep our teams both safe and engaged. Like most other businesses, we have implemented work at home programs, social distancing protocols, required mask wearing, and daily temperature checks. In addition to these safety protocols, we have also found it extremely important to check in with our staff and to create opportunities for them to get engaged, especially for the majority of our workforce that is working from home.   

We have worked to accomplish these additional engagement opportunities by creating dedicated time for our staff to come together. We do this through a recurring all company huddle meeting, where all staff working from home can join with their camera and we can all “see” each other. We also have a dedicated weekly leadership meeting to allow space for our leaders to connect and support each other. In addition to these recurring meetings to foster engagement, we have a committee that is focused on creating meaningful engagement for our staff through virtual event opportunities. Recently those have ranged from a virtual pet dress up parade to virtual Valentine’s exchange. We have found by focusing on creating participation opportunities for our staff, they are more engaged and report overall improved morale.  The high morale and improved engagement have allowed our employees to take care of themselves so they are in a better position to continue providing care to our patients.  

It is no secret that this pandemic has taken a mental toll on our world and that many people find themselves to be struggling without social engagement and human connection. We have found that in order to operate a successful company, especially in the middle of a pandemic, we need to tend to our employees as whole people. We encourage our employees to connect and share common struggles, to ask for support, and to know that they have a family at work they can count on.  

We do not know when and if the Coronavirus will go away, but we have been able to develop and adapt to this pandemic, while at the same time keeping our staff safe and engaged.  As we continue to see more care being done in the home, we are confident that taking care of our staff from a safety and engagement perspective, will be paramount as we continue to evolve as a home infusion company, especially in the middle of a pandemic.  


Written by Evyn Garner, Prohealth Pharmacy Solution’s Vice President of Operations.

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