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Providing Health Systems with an ongoing revenue stream in the rapidly-growing area of infusion services. You’ll be surprised how easy and effective ProHealth’s strategies are.

We are dedicated to helping hospital executives & CEOs maximize revenues by utilizing our proprietary & proven strategies.


The founders of ProHealth Medical, Inc. are pioneers in the home infusion industry.

ProHealth Medical, Inc. was founded in 1989 in Orlando, FL and has developed successful partnerships with hospital systems in Florida and throughout the Eastern and Central United States. The company and its founders continue to be leaders in the home infusion industry today.



To provide creative services for hospital systems to assist them in providing superior home infusion services to their communities.

Through our proprietary technology, we will provide pharmaceutical consultation, intake, order entry, insurance verification, billing and collection services to hospital systems through the United States. Our services will assist these organizations in providing proactive coordination of patient care, patient education, and evidence-based pharmaceutical care considered to be “best practice” to create the greatest value to patients, physicians, nurses, and payors.

We will objectively offer our customers access to current available health care and medical intervention, education, technologies, and services. We will establish and maintain open and effective communication channels that best convey, receive, and process information important to business and medical decisions, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.


To be a facilitator of hospital based home infusion services throughout the nation. We do this by offering advanced support of pharmaceutical compounding services that is both effective and cost contained resulting in positive healthcare outcomes and financial objectives.


  • Excellence: We define excellence and serve as an industry leader in pharmaceutical care and home infusion therapy services.
  • Productivity and Return: We create excellent financial outcomes for our clients, while earning a fair return on our investment for the services provided within accepted business and health care standards of practice.
  • Integrity: We treat all customers, employees, and other stakeholders in a fair, honest, and open manner while carefully complying with healthcare regulations and best business practices.
  • Equality: We objectively treat all employees as associates of equal status regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or religion
  • Customer Service: We, in spirit and function, strive to satisfy our customers and constituency.
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